Square Toiletries Signs New Factory Expansion Contract

Square Toiletries Limited signs a contract with J.A. Architects and Ground Consortium for expansion of two of its factories and to build a new one.

On May 5, 2016, Square Toiletries Limited signed a bilateral contract with J.A. Architects and Ground Consortium.

Under these agreements, along with the expansion work of the existing two factories in Pabna and Rupshi, J.A. Architects and Ground Consortium will also work as consultant for the construction of a new factory.

The officials of the Square company stated that, the expansions of those two factories will help the leading toiletries, cosmetics, and health and hygiene product manufacturing company Square Toiletries Limited a lot to expand its business both in and outside the country in recent future. It’ll also help to facilitate the process of delivering international standard products.

Managing Director of Square Toiletries Limited Mr. Anjan Chowdhury and Mr. Jalal Ahmed of J.A. Architects signed the contract on behalf of their reputed organizations.