jui extra virgin cococnut oil

Jui Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

You may have wondered exactly what we mean by Extra Virgin coconut oil. Extra Virgin is a technical term used in coconut and olive oil category. When the first crushed coconut oil is extracted without adding any foreign preservatives or ingredients, it is termed as “Extra Virgin”. Keeping our consumers’ benefits in mind, Jui has put dedicated effort in extracting the first crushed milk oil without mixing any bleaching elements unlike other oil brands available in the market.


The first crushed coconut milk from selective batch of coconuts are extracted with care making sure no other chemical or bleach elements are added which makes it naturally enriched with multi-vitamins. The process ensures that the goodness of these vitamins are kept intact.

Jui Extra Virgin coconut oil expert care provides:

1. Stronger hair roots.
2. Rescinds dry hair.
3. Increases shine in hair.


Jui Hair Care is light & non-sticky, a composition of 10 essential oils and 5 necessary vitamins which ensures maximum nourishment of the hair. Jui Hair Care is highly enriched in Vitamin E (1000 times more vitamin E compare to ordinary hair oils) & A, which ensures hair’s protection from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Vitamin B increases hair growth cells assisting in new hairs to grow faster. Vitamin C reduces the presence of iron on the scalp and increases strength from the root. Vitamin F controls hair damage, cancels dryness and amplifies natural shine.

Main Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Dragobotania, 10 essential herbal extracts, 5 essential vitamins, perfume, oil soluble green color.

jui Hair Care oil