Senora Regular


The word ‘sanitary’ means clean or hygienic. So that’s exactly what a sanitary napkin does or should do – take care of the menstrual flow in a safe, hygienic way. Senora Regular offers advanced and full absorbency protection to women. The extra long Senora ensures full protection of dryness for long hours. So step ahead girls, without worrying of leakage ever.

Senora UltraThin

Senora UltraThin is a 4 times thinner sanitary napkin than regular sanitary napkin. The 280 mm long pad is designed to ensure 100% protection during heavy flow. The Gel Ball Technology absorbs and locks in moisture very quickly. It has body - fitted wings which will give great flexibility. The antibacterial cottony top sheet provides soft, comfy experience and ensures absolute hygiene.

Senora Ultrathin
Senora Confidence


The world is moving forward, so is moving forward the need and expectations from a product. Senora is committed to respond to this changing need and expectations of women and the result is Senora Confidence. This quality product is positioned for modern women, to address their need to move freely with confidence. Senora Confidence is positioned for modern women, to address their need to move freely with confidence. Senora Confidence is super thin with wings and at the same time very comfortable to wear.


Wellness is the most desired thing to any girl that needs to be shielded. Therefore, our one & only endeavor is to empower girls so that they can ensure ‘Self-Care’ of themselves. Getting the first period is a milestone in a girl’s life as it marks the start of her journey as a woman. It comes with full of surprises, little bit of anxiety, and excitement of embarking on a new journey. Here comes Senora Teen Confidence specially designed for teenagers to make this natural cycle of their life blissful and comfortable.
Its Fastest Absorption Technology keeps her dry for a longer period. Besides, Breathable Cottony Top sheet ensures the maximum comfort during the period days. Odor Lock Technology prevents the bad odour to be spread.
Little Woman, Grow Up with Confidence!

Senora Confidence Teen
Senora Bio

Senora Bio

Senora Bio- a sanitary napkin, which is chemical free, fragrance-free, and leak-proof. The top sheet is made with 100% cotton top sheet; the core is made of pulp and the back sheet will be made of potato starch, which will help the product to be fully decomposed within 6 months.

Senora Heavy Flow

Senora Heavy Flow is a 290mm long and has a comfortable sandwiched top sheet with very high absorption. It ensures leak free time during heavy flow period days. This product is free from chlorine and fragrance.

Senora Heavy Flow
Senora Feather Light

Senora Feather Light

Senora Feather Light is 280mm long, 4 times thinner than regular sanitary napkin that gives feather light feel. The breathable cottony top sheet and body fitted design ensures the maximum absorption without the fear of leakage. This product is free from artificial fragrance and chemical.