Perfect Freshness For Your Body

For the vibrant outgoing girl who needs protection from the rigors of her outdoors life.


Revive Talcum powder and moisturizing lotion

Revive Perfect Fairness Talcum Powder and Moisturizing lotion has a unique formulation with active Sun Block which protects skin from the sun and gives you a wonderful feeling even in outdoors. The specialized formulation retains your skin's natural fairness and keeps it perfect.


Revive Hairfall Fight Shampoo

Hello Hair! The formula of the Revive Hairfall Fight Shampoo is enhanced with seven herbs, including Vitamin E and B5. A shampoo that has been expertly formulated to help shield the hair from pollution exposure while strengthening the hair and promoting hair development. Delivers the confidence boost needed to face the day in style while outbound and makes the hair appear bigger and fuller. Also perfumed with energizing herbal tones.

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