Meril Baby

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    Meril Baby

    Meril Baby


    Meril Baby wants to share the love and protection you always harbor in you heart. All products in Meril Baby are developed giving top priority to baby's delicate needs and especially suited to babies of our country.


    When you are taking care of your child, the sweet fragrance and gentleness of Meril Baby Lotion will make the experience even more pleasant for both of you. While you will be giving your loving protection, your child would play with you, dabbing some lotion on your nose or cheek in return. As with other products in this line, Meril Baby Lotion is specially designed to meet the needs of Bangladeshi children, keeping our climate and environment in mind. Your baby's skin will always accept the love of Meril baby Lotion.



    Babies have a jolly good time when they bathe. It's equally fun for the parents to see their kid splashing about in the water and playing around. While your child is having all the fun, you don't want to spoil his merriment by applying shampoo to his hair. Any other shampoo will bring tears from your child but not Meril Baby Shampoo. Meril baby shampoo is a light formulation shampoo which has less alkali to ensure gentle care for your child. The shampoo is gentle on baby's hair and scalp. Its exclusive cleaning agent will leave the baby's hair clean, soft and healthy. The shampoo can be used after the babies turn 2 months old.

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    Baby's teeth and gums are so soft and delicate that an adult tooth paste can do more harm than doing good. The ingredients in such toothpastes are too strong for your baby and using such a product for your baby may not be advisable. Meril Baby Gel Toothpaste is made with a special formulation that ensures gentle care of your baby's milk teeth and gums.


    Olive OIL

    The "first crushed" oil from the finest and freshest olives comes to you in Meril Baby Olive Oil for the delicate need of your child's skin. Since Meril Baby Olive Oil does not contain any paraffin, your child will not feel the discomfort of rashes and dryness. The skin tissues become healthier since their moisture balance is taken care of absolutely naturally! Meril Baby Olive Oil ensures that the soft, supple nature of your child's skin remains so. While you are giving your child a gentle massage, his/her bones will grow stronger and better with Meril Baby Olive Oil.



    Baby's skin is very thin and delicate which loses moisture very quickly. Harsh nature of regular soap causes harm to the babies' skin. Just like specialized baby products, you need specialized soaps to bathe your baby. Meril is proud to bring Meril Baby soap infused with lotion and honey. Meril Baby soap is 5 times milder than regular soap. It gently cleans baby's skin without drying or irritating. The lotion and honey gives moisturizer to the babies' skin. Presence of Honey also makes babies skin soft, supple and healthy. This soap moisturizes baby's skin even while bathing. So, ensure the best care and growth of your baby by regular use of Meril Baby Soap.


    Meril Baby Powder

    Sterilized Talc, Allantoin, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Perfume.

    Direction of Use
    Meril Baby Powder: Put on all over the body, even sensitive areas. Apply at nappy change or whenever the baby feels damp.

    Size: 100 gm


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