Special Initiative by Femina of Square Toiletries Ltd. for Health Awareness

Despite period being a very normal and natural occurrence, in many countries of the world, period is still seen in a shameful, unclean and negative issue. Most countries do not have the environment to allow open conversations and discussions about period. It is time to bring down the wall of silence and narrow-mindedness that surrounds the topic of period. There are many reasons why even now it has not been possible to ensure healthy periods worldwide. One reason is that many girls are not given the correct information about their period. As a result, girls have to face various problems in the workplace, educational institutes and in daily life.

Female workers of the garments industry stay absent at work 6 days a month on average due to period-related complications. 97% of women suffer from cervical infections at various times due to unhygienic periods. They also suffer from diseases such as exposed uterus, UTI and RTI. Which results in complications originating in the womb. This kind of problems also hampers sex lives.

Square Toiletries Ltd. has come forward to increase awareness about these problems and to offer assistance to solve them. Square Toiletries Ltd. is delivering sanitary pads for the garments industry working females to garments companies. Besides delivering the sanitary napkins to the female workers, they are also being taught the usage of napkins and after-use management, and the benefits of using sanitary napkins is being highlighted to them.

Even the male workers in the factories are being taught about their importance. Experienced doctors are providing training to the workers and the workplaces are being made friendlier for the female workers. Factory doctors are also being trained on this topic.

This type of initiatives have resulted in simultaneously increasing factory productivity and reducing the absence rate of female workers. Which has resulted in benefitting the persons undergoing their period themselves as well as factory owners and management.

Square Toiletries Ltd. is working every day to help the garments industry working females to grow, therefore contributing to the general growth of the country’s economy on a bigger scale.