Sepnil’s Medical Grade Face Mask for full protection

Puja Sarkar

Tue Jul 20, 2021 12:00 AM

In the recent times of COVID-19, health regulations and safety precautions have taken topmost priority. Face masks have now become a mandatory part of daily life, especially if we are out and about. Most medical and public health experts believe that face masks are effective in preventing the spread of various viruses and germs. Keeping safety concerns in mind, Sepnil from the house of SQUARE has introduced its face mask, Sepnil Face Mask, to provide a reliable and effective shield against airborne germs and viruses.

Face masks work to control infection spread and viruses from attacking the body. Wearing reliable and secure facemasks is a crucial necessity and habit that is applicable for all in bettering our futures. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Square Toiletries Limited has introduced Sepnil Face Mask, which has been thoroughly appreciated by medical and health professionals. With medical and institutional approval, Sepnil Face Mask is ensured as a quality product guaranteeing both comfort and safety. It provides protection from external microorganisms and viruses by creating a secured barrier between the nasal and oral cavities from the surrounding air.

The medical-graded 3-layer disposable mask successfully prevents dust particles, germs and viruses and other pollutants from entering one’s body while providing proper face coverage. The mask has the capability of ensuring 99 percent protection against flu, COVID-19 and other variants of virus and bacteria. While covering the entire frontal face and fitting ear-loops, Sepnil Face Mask guarantees maximum breathing comfort for long periods of time.

Sepnil Face Mask has begun proving itself to be effective and is contributing to the public. It is being used in Bangladesh Bank, DESCO and other government offices. The country’s leading pharmaceutical companies have full faith in Sepnil Face Masks. Additionally, these masks have been sent to the doctors as a token of appreciation to their services.

The product is certified by International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), has been tested by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) and approved by the Director General Drug Administration (DGDA) of Bangladesh.

Dr Sharon Roy, who is serving in the COVID-19 specialised unit, is a user of Sepnil Face Mask. She says, “Our market is flooded with counterfeit surgical masks with compromised quality and specifications, and their capability of protection cannot be trusted.”

These masks do not provide the necessary coverage the face needs to be properly secured. Oftentimes, the faulty designs go unnoticed due to its reliable appearance. To avoid such mishaps and dangers, Sepnil Face Mask is the most reliable and dependable option.

Dr. Sharon Roy further adds, “For face masks to be effective, three layers are crucial. Sepnil Face Mask is carefully compounded with all these layers.”

In light of today’s events, face masks have become a life-saving necessity. Despite its importance, many individuals are seen without face masks and violating safety regulations, exposing themselves and others around them to various germs and viruses. In such trying times, Sepnil has come forward to ensure the public’s safety and the security of healthcare workers during their long, risky working hours by providing them with reliable face masks which makes no compromises. As these masks are also comfortable and easy to breathe in, it motivates the general public, particularly those people who tend to feel suffocated while wearing masks to take up the precaution.

Note: In this COVID pandemic you can only use Hand Wash or liquid hand wash

Sepnil Face Mask is not only a reliable product in words but also in action. Square Toiletries Limited is providing full security against germs and viruses and aiding everyone’s health and public safety with its range of hygiene and safety products which are widely available on multiple ecommerce platforms.

All products of Sepnil, including Sepnil Face Mask can be purchased online from Daraz and Chaldal and corporate orders can be placed at Square Toiletries Limited’s helpline at 08-000-888-000.

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