Sepnil Disinfectant Spray for a Clean and Safe Surrounding

To maintain cleanliness and hygiene, disinfecting plays a crucial role in eliminating all harmful germs and pathogens. Exposed surfaces or surfaces which we often touch and come into contact with require more care while cleaning. Such surfaces include tables, countertops, desks, doorknobs, light switches, faucets, phones, keyboards, remotes etc.

Puja Sarkar

Tue Jul 27, 2021 12:00 AM

For households with young children, their toys need to be cleaned frequently and disinfected with proper attention. To make the disinfection process convenient and effective, Square Toiletries Limited  which is a sister concern of Square Group has brought Sepnil Disinfectant Spray to help secure all households, workplaces and other institutions.

Sepnil Disinfectant Spray has an effective formula which enables the spray to eliminate harmful germs, offering 99.99 percent protection. Exposed surfaces are often a Petri dish for bacteria and germs. When these surfaces come in contact with humans, there is a good possibility that these germs will harm one’s body and cause diseases and ailments. Additionally, if these surfaces are left like that, it further contributes to deteriorating health. To ensure that a scenario like this does not arise, Sepnil Disinfectant Spray is the ideal solution.

In times of COVID-19, this spray provides security. Not only can it be used for household disinfecting but one can also carry it in their bag. For instance, while making grocery runs our hands have to touch the shopping cart handle which has been in contact with multiple other hands. Having Sepnil Disinfectant Spray in this situation would allow one to disinfect the handle to eliminate germs and have one less thing to worry about.

Sepnil Disinfectant Spray is safe to use on any kind of bag, parcel or box, furniture like sofas, beds, chairs etc., on car seats and steering wheels, door knobs and handles and so on. Additionally, it can also be used on accessories and necessities which we use every day like money and coins, wallets, eyeglasses etc. The soothing fragrance of the spray makes it convenient to disinfect the playing area and toys without causing children any discomfort.

Some disinfectant sprays come with a potent odor which is often not suitable for household use. However, Sepnil Disinfectant Spray also comes with a deodorizing benefit by killing off odorous germs and leaving no antiseptic or pungent smell behind. The spray comes with a pleasant smell which is convenient to be used in homes and around children. With this added benefit, the spray does not compromise in ensuring safety. The formula contains 80 percent ethyl alcohol and the design of the spray bottle is such that it covers a wider area in one spray.

Using the spray is also quite easy and convenient. The spray can, a container of 300ml, should be held about six to seven inches away from the surface which needs to be disinfected. Then, it should be sprayed for three to four seconds allowing the surface to air dry afterwards. In these simple and time efficient steps, surfaces can be disinfected easily.

In the past, exposed and unclean surfaces were not as heavy as a concern. Simply washing these surfaces with water and soap was enough to ensure cleanliness. However, today the situation has changed and exposed surfaces cannot be left unattended and uncleaned for too long. Disinfecting has become a mandatory step in daily cleaning and activities. To meet these concerns with ease and comfort, Sepnil Disinfectant Spray is a convenient and effective product ensuring protection against germs and viruses and is widely available to everyone across e-commerce platforms and retail shops.

All products of Sepnil, including Sepnil Disinfectant Spray can be purchased online from Daraz and Chaldal and corporate orders can be placed at Square Toiletries Limited’s helpline at 08-000-888-000.

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