Clean Hands with Sepnil Instant Sanitizer Hand Wash

Sanitizer  A killer of germs. Germs are all around us, on every surface. We often touch these surfaces with our hands either knowingly or unknowingly. Just as we use our hands on a daily basis for almost every activity, they also come into contact with a variety of dust particles and germs.

We tend to use our contaminated hands to touch our face, mouth, eyes, nose, and numerous parts of our body.

While thoroughly washing hands with soap and water is the most ideal approach to get rid of these particles, it is not always an available option and depends on the surrounding. So, another option to get rid of these germs is to use hand sanitizer liquid. Nowadays, this germ-fighter is a staple in everyone’s shopping list. However, there are many counterfeit products and ineffective hand sanitizers which do not get the work done but rather make us more vulnerable.

Square Toiletries Limited offers Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer, a reliable hand sanitizer which is adequately effective in destroying germs, leaving one’s hands germ free and safe to use.

Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer effectively meets everyone’s personal hygiene requirements. The convenient product design makes carrying the sanitizer everywhere and anywhere easily doable. The 40ml travel pack is such that it barely takes up any space in one’s bag, does not add any extra weight and can be carried around for whenever necessary at ease. Therefore, keeping a bottle in one’s bag is always a wise idea!

There are also various sizes available. The family pack comes in two different containers of 200ml and 500ml with a pump so that everyone in the house can sanitize their hands easily when needed. For offices and corporations, a five litre container is offered. Starting from individual and personal needs to family and collective safety, Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer is available for everyone at affordable rates.

Sepnil Instant Sanitizer Hand wash effectively removes 99.9 percent germs. In situations where clean water is not accessible, the sanitizer can serve the purpose of killing all harmful germs on the hands and does not require water to be effectively used.

Some sanitizers tend to leave the palm of the hands dry and flaky. The harsh sanitizers, even if it serves its purpose of cleaning, damages skin. On the other hand, Sepnil Instant sanitizer hand wash leaves the hands feeling soft and refreshed. The rinse-free sanitizer is ideal for the whole family.

Simply pouring a few drops into the palms of the hands and rubbing the hands together assures protection and cleanliness. The sanitizer can be used and carried during travelling, before coming in contact with infants or little children, after touching pets, touching surfaces in public areas and so on. Imagine going to a restaurant or cafe to enjoy a good meal. There might not always be an option to wash hands before eating. In that case, having Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer to apply before eating will ensure that one’s hands are germ free and that these germs do not contaminate the food. Then, while paying for the meal and in handling cash, hands should be sanitized as well as it involves hand-to-hand exchanges.

Germs pose a great threat to our health and lifestyles. Every precaution is necessary in assuring that we keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and secured. Square Toiletries Limited is making these precautionary and preventive measures easily maintainable for everyone with their line of hygiene products which include hand wash and face masks along with their sanitizer which are all widely available on e-commerce platforms and retail shops. As sanitizers have become a must have in everyone’s bag and in every household, Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer checks all the boxes for individual and collective safety!

All products of Sepnil, including Sepnil Instant Hand Sanitizer Mask can be purchased online from Daraz and Chaldal and corporate orders can be placed at Square Toiletries Limited’s helpline at 08-000-888-000.

By Puja Sarkar
Publishing date : 03/08/2021

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