Xpel Aerosol

Xpel Aerosol

Xpel Aerosol
Product Details

Xpel aerosol is made from an effective formula that is potent against the buzzing threat of mosquitoes. Once sprayed, Xpel aerosol quickly spreads to the targeted areas and kills mosquitoes swiftly. On top of the total elimination of mosquitoes, the pleasant fragrance of Lavender in Xpel will fill your surroundings with a delightful floral essence, making sure your days and nights are both enjoyable and free of mosquito problems.


Prallethrin 0.20% w/w, and d-Phenothrin 0.15% w/w

Direction of Use

Before spraying the aerosol, close all doors and windows and turn off the fan. Now stand in the middle of the room and spray in every corner of the room for at lest 3 to 4 seconds. Now go out from the room for 20 minutes. To kill other insects spray directly on them.

8941100500385Square Toiletries LtdXpelXpel Aerosol Not Mandatory250 ml
8941100500392Square Toiletries LtdXpelXpel Aerosol Not Mandatory475 ml

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