Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Product Details

Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner is a heavy duty liquid toilet cleaner which removes stains for good and leaves your toilet looking cleaner than ever, feeling hygienic than ever. It is the first choice of professional cleaners and is commonly used on heavy used toilets. Its gel formulation strongly holds at the pan and commode, and sweeps away even the strongest stains easily giving a good smell and a hygienic clean feel to the toilet. The germs that are invisible to your eyes also meet their grim reaper when you use this cleaner.


Direction of Use

• Flash your toilet first.
• Open the bottle cap after shaking well, point the nozzle underneath the rim and press the bottle under the rim and apply Shakti toilet cleaner upon the commode.
• Wait for 15-20 minutes.
• Now brush well and flash again. Use Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner every day to make your toilet germs free, smell free and clean. You can use Shakti Liquid Toilet Cleaner in your toilet ceramic pan as well as in the same process.

8941100500408Square Toiletries LtdShaktiLiquid Toilet CleanerNot Mandatory500 ml
8941100501085Square Toiletries LtdShaktiLiquid Toilet CleanerNot Mandatory750 ml
8941100503003Square Toiletries LtdShaktiLiquid Toilet CleanerNot Mandatory1000ml
8941100503430Square Toiletries LtdShaktiLiquid Toilet CleanerNot Mandatory10 liter
8941100503058Square Toiletries LtdShaktiShakti - B1G1Not Mandatory1 liter
8941100503621Square Toiletries LtdShaktiMug free with 750 ml Shsakti toilet cleanerNot Mandatory750 ml

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