Magic Extra Fresh Tooth Powder

Magic Extra Fresh Tooth Powder

Magic Extra Fresh Tooth Powder
Product Details

Magic Tooth Powder comes in easy flip top container. it has a spicy mint flavor, which gives the mouth a sharp, fresh feel while calcium helps to strengthen teeth. Magic comes with a promise to give every person the freedom to speak up and the days of bad breath will be forgotten effortlessly.


Calcium carbonate, Sodium Saccharin, SLS powder, Menthol & Flavor.

Direction of Use

Take a generous amount of Magic Tooth powder in your tooth brush and brush your teeth.

8941100500125Square Toiletries LtdMagicExtra Fresh Tooth PowderMandatory30 gm
8941100500033Square Toiletries LtdMagicExtra Fresh Tooth PowderMandatory50 gm
8941100500132Square Toiletries LtdMagicExtra Fresh Tooth PowderMandatory100 gm
8941100503652Square Toiletries LtdMagicMagic tooth powder 100gm CP - 12gm herbal tooth paste freeMandatory100 gm

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