Chamak Fabric Brightener

Chamak Fabric Brightener

Chamak Fabric Brightener

Product Details

Regardless of washing powder or laundry soap, Chamak brings sparkling brightness to your clothes colors, white or not, in just 3 drops. Chamak brightens white and all-colored clothes, removes white starch stains from deep colored clothes, brightens blanket covers, and keeps your jeans, jackets, bags and even your kids white school sneakers looking fresh & new! On top of that, its antibacterial agent removes odors from sweat and keeps clothes free of bacteria.


Virgin Violet, DMDMH, Aqua

Direction of Use

1. Shake well before use.
2. Use 3-4 drops of Chamak Fabric Brightener in 1 liter water.
3. Mix well with water.
4. Put your cloths on it and fold 2 or 3 times than risen and let it dry.

8941100501221Square Toiletries LtdChamak Fabric BrightenerNot Mandatory50 ml
8941100501238Square Toiletries LtdChamak Fabric BrightenerNot Mandatory100 ml
8941100503539Square Toiletries LtdChamak 30 Gram Super White freeNot Mandatory100 ml

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