Kool Shaving Foam


Kool Ultra Glide Shaving Foam with its Beard Softner technology will make your beard softer, and its lubricant properties with rich lather will give ultra razor glide for a cool, comfortable and smooth shave. It is specially formulated to give extra care for sensitive skin and to help protect against nicks, cuts, and shaving irritation.

Shaving Cream

Kool Shaving Cream will give you a 3D shaving experience which will keep your skin moisturized and soft.
Under the shaving cream range Kool is equipped with two unique variants, Frosty and Monsoon. A small amount of Kool Shaving Cream instantly produces rich, frothy lather, adequate for several passes with razor. Your face won't complain after you wash your face.

Kool Aftershave

Kool After Shave Gel & Lotion

After the razor does its job, your face cries out for soothing care. Kool Aftershave Gel gives your skin the best relief from any burning sensations of shaving nicks. Antiseptic protection in Kool Aftershave Gel prevents any unseen shaving scratches from deadly infections. Kool After Shave Lotion with masculine woody fragrance and chypre notes ensures a long-lasting freshness.

Kool Deodorant
Body Spray

In any mood or occasion, use any of the 6 variants of Kool Body Spray. The musky-fresh fragrance of Kool Deodorant Body Spray will keep the body perfumed and feeling alive for along time.

Kool Deodorant