Meril Splash & Persona Inspiring Freshness

With the promise of giving extra freshness to Bangladeshi Girls, STL has developed and marketed Meril Splash Beauty Soap. Meril Splash is the brand that believes freshness is a key to a girl’s beauty. This platform of freshness is now extended further as we understand that the inner freshness of a Bangladeshi girl is eternal and is much bigger than the external beauty.

To cherish this Freshness of Bangladeshi girl, Meril Splash and Person has come together with an Event “Inspiring Freshness”.

Meril Splash and Persona through some activation program have collected profile of girls from all over Bangladesh. From here we have selected 25 girls from an interview session on 10th & 11th of January.

These girls went through a grooming period for 15 days in a camp, where they have gone through a number of activities, to test their inner freshness. Our goal was to find out three such girls who are so fresh that they can inspire others and can contribute to the society.

This is not a beauty pageant, the whole effort is to popularize the freshness of a girl and make them believe that their inner freshness is much bigger than the external beauty.

During the grooming session the girls were groomed and judged by Kaniz Almas Khan, Fahmida Nabi, Shaheen Islam, Sharukh Shahid and Qayum Chowdhury. The girls have given psychological tests, went through debates and also spend a day in the underprivileged children’s institution The Dhaka Project.

The girls also rehearsed for the final gala round which took place on 23rd February 2010. The gala round was a show that depicted girls on different times of their life in different roles they are performing. The show started with Fresh Look after bath to depict the freshest moment of a girl’s day, followed by the young energetic teenagers running after their passion and fun life. Soon after the exhibition a professional set of girls suddenly gets into the stage where we saw doctors, lawyers, pilot, air-hostess, corporate executive etc. Soon after that the whole stage moved to a new dimension when 4 girls came as fairies to show their beauty.

The whole concept was cherished with the handover of a Legendary Award for Inspiring Freshness to Feroza Begum, the renowned Najrul Shangit singer. She was given the award for her contribution in music, her fresh look and voice that inspired all of us. The award was handed over to her by honorable Chairman of Square Toiletries Ltd. Mr. Samson H Chowdhury.

Apart form all these, there was a musical performance by Nazia and Fuad & Friends. Also Managing Director of Square Toiletries Ltd. Mr. Anjan Chowdhury and Managing Director of Persona Ms. Kaniz Almas Khan shared their thoughts behind this arrangement.