Indulging in Rain Shower for Soft-Supple Skin

With a rising concern for personal hygiene, the range of products related to hygiene and self-care has expanded all over the world with numerous brands offering a variety of products. One of the more appreciated and demanded products in this category are bathing shower gels. With the growing trend, the demand and usage of shower gels have also increased in Bangladesh. Although it was difficult to find authentic and affordable shower gels in nearby shops a couple of years back, the situation has changed for the better. Nowadays, shower gels have become quite a common sight in shops and a must-have product among many consumers. In today’s world of skincare and hygiene products, most people look for authentic foreign brands which often strike as more reliable and of better quality. Assuming that such imported skincare and hygiene products are the best of the best, we are often left vulnerable to expensive knockoffs and counterfeits. In this scenario, Square Toiletries launched its shower gel known as ‘Rain Shower’ about a year ago. This shower gel offers a soothing, reliable and also an affordable way to take care of one’s skin with utmost comfort and ease.

The essence of Rain Shower can be extracted from the sensory experience we indulge in during the rainy season. The shower gel’s earthy and nourishing perfume with its blend of fruits, flowers, spices and herbs provides a cleansed and fresh feeling, both physically and mentally. This captivating fragrance creates a sensation filled with solace and recreates the ambience of getting drenched in the rain. As we soak ourselves in nature’s rainfall and get lost in the rainy environment, the monsoon season welcomes us like a warm hug, rejuvenating the mind and soul. Rain Shower’s enchanting fragrance fills one with the nostalgic embrace of the rainy season. It helps us to relive and to experience these delightful monsoon moments all year around, bringing in a sense of tranquility and comfort.

Not only is the unisex product a pacifying addition to one’s daily routine of self-care, it also benefits the skin in more ways than one. Along with the benefits of soap, Rain Shower bears more advantages due to its impeccable moisturising properties. This aids the smoothness and glow of skin while retaining its gentle and soft sense of touch. Unlike other products, the post-feel of Rain Shower is not slippery or drying. After using the revitalising shower gel, the skin is reborn, graced with a refreshed, moisturised and soothing feeling and appearance.

Living in an urban fast-paced society, most of us lose touch with nature and our surroundings. Consequently, we detach ourselves from our emotions and mental well-being. Just as nature’s shower tends to wash away all our worries and anxieties, Rain Shower brings in the same feeling of weightlessness. Proving to be a reliable option for hygiene, the product makes self-love and self-care easily accessible for both the body and mind. Recreating a calm and relaxing sensation, the shower gel gives us a well needed break from our daily responsibilities and concerns. All in all, the product transcends its ability to protect and nourish skin health which helps us to look and feel our best, and extends its enthralling attributes to easing our minds by adding an essential touch of nature to our daily lives.

To have Rain Shower Gel delivered straight to the doorstop, anyone can call the toll free care of Square Toiletries Limited- 08000888000.

News source : The Daily Star, 06/07/2021