Meril Protective Care

symbol of confidence during winter

Winter tends to damage our normal skin condition. What we need most during winter is to overcome the loss of our skin so that our skin gets back the normalcy it desires through protection and care. Meril Protective Care is the range of products that provides protection and care and thus remedies any skin damage and backs it to normalcy. Regular usage of this product range even doesn't allow any wintry effect on your skin

Meril Petroleum

What happens when you scratch your skin in winter? The white marks indicate what your skin really needs. Your skin needs protection against the wintry bite of the season. The winter in our country is different from countries with temperate climate; in here the skin faces dryness and requires humidity balance.

Meril Petroleum Jelly is the pioneer in providing the complete solution for protection against the cold in winter. Meril Petroleum Jelly prevents skin contraction and relieves dryness. Enriched with jojoba oil and lemon fragrance, the jelly provides a protective layer against cold.

The presence of jojoba oil moisturizes the skin making it soft. It also provides protection to minor burns and chapping as the jojoba oil has natural healing power. So in the winter, next time you touch water makes sure that you have Meril Petroleum Jelly near you so that your skin doesn't crack or become chapped in the chilling winter.

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Meril Lip Balm

Keep your smiles dazzling and your lips protected with the vitamin E enriched Meril Chap Stick. It leaves no waxy feel on your lips so they feel naturally fresh and lively.


protect your lips everyday

Keep your smiles dazzling and your lips protected with the vitamin E enriched Meril Chap Stick. It leaves no waxy feel on your lips so they feel naturally fresh and lively.


Meril Olive Oil

Meril Olive Oil is 100% pure and natural. Since the finest olive oil is imported from Europe the quality is second to none. After you use Meril Olive Oil, you feel your skin becoming soft and smooth.

As age takes its toll, it takes away your natural skin tenderness. The skin develops wrinkles and very fine lines. The anti-oxidants present in Meril Olive Oil will help you prevent early aging and appearance of aging. It is so kind to the skin, that you can apply the oil on infants as well. Massaging the baby with oil helps strengthen the bones .Apart from domestic usage, you may have seen olive oil used in specialized places like parlors and spas. Regular massage with olive oil is said to help the blood flow of body, negate stress and make your skin smooth as silk. For those who have


Meril Lip Gel

During winter while we can protect our body against cold by wearing different winter attires, but our lips are always exposed. Although a lot of attention is paid to the face, the lips are often neglected. Chapped and dry lips with small white flakes look unattractive and unappealing. Excessive dryness can sometimes lead to cuts and bleeding of the lips. Meril Lip Gel provides the ultimate relief to this problem. Aloe Vera in the gel provides a therapeutic effect and helps to relieve skin dryness. It is available with citrus flavor and provides nourishment to the lips while it protects the very delicate lips skin. Meril Lip Gel promises to bring back everyone's smile in the winter.

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Meril Glycerine

MERIL Glycerin has been used for many years. It is used for medical, food, personal and various other purposes. Leaving other areas aside, glycerin is used by people with sensitive, easily irritated skin because it prevents skin dryness with its moisturizing properties. MERIL Glycerin is used to maintain the moisture balance of your skin which you tend to lose during the winter. Since its 100% glycerin, mix with water to avoid gumminess.



MERIL Rose Water Glycerin contains natural rose water and “hygroscopic,” meaning it absorbs water from the air. That makes it an excellent culinary humectant because it will draw moisture to itself from inside your muffins. MERIL Rose water glycerin removes 5 types of skin conditions and by regular usage it ensures bright, fulgent, smooth and soft skin.

There are several types of skin inflammations that cause itching, burning, redness or pus. If you have atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) or psoriasis, for example, you might try switching to glycerin. In studies, some participants have shown significant improvement to their skin condition by making the switch.


Meril Protective Care


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