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Every day from dawn to dusk we are exposed to different kinds of dirt. But now you don't have to worry any more for fighting long hours to remove these dirt and harm your clothes using harsh chemicals. So there is no room when it comes to taking care of them. Because, we have "CHAKA- Dirt Fighter" which is competent of actively fighting against any kind of dirt considering the well being of your clothes. Chaka is always active in fighting against dirt and keeping your clothes dirt free. So, now you are equipped with Chaka which is smarter than dirt.


Chaka Washing PowderChaka Washing Powder promises to keep your clothes clean like new even after repeated washing. Chaka Washing Powder removes tough dirt and greasy substance from cloth easily and effectively without causing harm to the fabric.

Chaka Chaka Laundry BarChaka washing powder is introduced for taking care of your everyday cleansing clothes. Chaka can outplay any dirt with less effort and do not cause any harm to the fabric. So try out "Chaka- Dirt Fighter" to fight the strong dirt.


Chaka Ball SoapChaka Ball Soap promises to remove tough dirt completely but with gentleness. This moisture proof poly packed ball soap is enriched with coco palm. Chaka Ball Soap generates more foam and cleans thoroughly.



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